This is WarpKey!

WarpKey is a digital wallet that Simply, Safely and Securely enables you to manage your crypto-currency as well as access all your online systems.

Multiple Functions
Hardware Wallet

A secure cryptocurrency wallet

  • ethereum

  • litecoin

  • bitcoin

  • ripple

  • altcoins

We are working to support as many of the cryptocurrency types within our wallet app, or using the secure storage to keep your soft wallets safe and secure.

MFA Hard Token

We are preparing to support TOTP,  FIDO® Universal Second Factor standard and TokenOne® two factor authentication standards for the ultimate MFA Device.

Encrypted Storage Drive

A fully encrypted storage that is accessible via Bluetooth or locally plugged in via USB

At launch 8GB, 64GB and 128GB options will be available.  

Password Manager

A secure and Encrypted password manager with extensions for popular browsers and companion mobile apps.

Hardware Features
Open Source

All of the Core Code for the device will be available on Github.

Long Battery Life

WarpKey utilises an ultra low power System On a Chip (SOC) which provides us with an expected 60-day battery life or 200+ actions.


NFC is installed for future expansion capabilities as is a 802.15.4 radio.

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 has been chosen as it gives the greatest speed, power usage and range.

AES Encryption

Hardware accelerated AES 256-bit encryption combined with an ARM TrustZone CryptoCell security module offering best in class security and performance.

Your Multi-Purpose Cyber Security Wallet

Manage your crypto-currency and access all your online systems: 

Simply, Safely and Securely.


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Meet the Team

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Ben is the product architect behind WarpKey.

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Kam is the management behind WarpKey.

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Dan is the hardware designer behind WarpKey.

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Phil is the Master of the WarpKey.

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Maarit is the creative director behind WarpKey.


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